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Freeform Ecstatic Dancing In N.E. Ohio Since 2009

Dance Your Soul is a Transformative Ecstatic Dance Journey where people can feel supported in their self-expression of life through dance, movement and meditation.

What is a Ecstatic Dance Journey?  You get to decide!  There are no right or wrong ways of moving, no specific dance moves to repeat, just listen to your heart and let the music inspire!  DYS plays an eclectic mix of music (Tribal, World, Reggae, New Age, Jazz, R&B, Rock, Electronica, etc.) as the soundtrack to your own Ecstatic Dance Journey.

The freedom and acceptance that exists at DYS has created a space for a wonderful community to develop, connections to be made and a lively dance atmosphere that continues to inspire!  We hope you can join us for a celebration of community and individual spirit in this meditative, ecstatic and healing dance movement!

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