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Our approach to COVID protocols
Policy is subject to change

UPDATED 1/15/22

We are pleased that circumstances have shifted and more flexibility is available to us for indoor gatherings. This is in response to many factors, including CDC guidelines changing, surge cases coming down, and evaluation of the space in which we dance.  We believe the following guidelines allow for more community connection based on trust in individual responsibility.


Anyone with possible COVID-19 symptoms or recently exposed should remain home.  Read CDC's symptom list here

Updated guidelines:

  • At entry, contactless temperature checks (forehead) will be administered for all attendees, anyone with a fever will be asked to return home.

  • We are excited to offer a hybrid dance, we will have a zoom room available for anyone who prefers or has high risk factors.

  • In-person numbers will be limited in order to allow plenty of space for distancing for those who choose it.

  • Our space is well ventilated and windows will be opened periodically to increase ventilation.

Regarding proof of vaccination:

  • No longer required for entry

  • It is encouraged to test yourself for COVID-19 when necessary. 


  • We encourage you to wear a mask if your risk factors indicate it.



If you have more questions or need more information, please call or text us at 216-236-4130, leave a message and we will get back to you via phone or text within 24hrs.


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