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  “To me, Dance Your Soul represents so many things that are missing from our everyday lives. Where else can we all share and celebrate together, without being judged, in a setting that is loving, supportive, inspirational, playful, spiritual and healing all at the same time? This is unlike anything else that I do and I feel blessed to be a small part of something so magical. This is exactly how quality time should be spent - with other people that love, honor and respect each other just as they are. What a treat. May it grow and blossom to let others discover the joy that it holds.”


  “Dance Your Soul was a beautiful and moving celebration. I found myself moving softly like the wind, swirling like a butterfly, and trancing into the cosmos. The rhythms were passionate and raw, soulful and deep, ecstatic & delirious. It was a blissful surrender.”


  “Dance Your Soul provides music and space for practicing the art of 'right now', being present to the mood and rhythm of the music, moment by moment, breath by breath, step by step. DYS is a joyful and accepting atmosphere in which there is nothing to do but be, and nothing to be but free.”


  “I started going to DYS about 5 years ago. You can bet I was nervous and for the first few times I worried about what I looked like (depending on my mood, I still might worry a little!). The blessing of this DYS community~I have not felt judged a single time by anyone. It is not only a place where I can be myself but a place to connect with others who are being themselves~dancing through sadness, joy, anger, love, transcendence, and playfulness.”


  “Elated, energized, heart and soul wide open, enticing, exciting, lovely friends and expansive joyful music, DYS is always a delightful, heart-warming, body and soul experience for me AND it just keeps getting better! Thank you!"


  “DYS was a magical experience for me. I was moved to my very core, to my soul, as I danced with free expression in an atmosphere of safety, acceptance and love.” 


  “People are friendly, of all ages, sizes and nice music!”


  “I went this past Sunday with my love Laura and we are both from Northern Kentucky near Cincinnati, Ohio. It was a very sacred blessed experience. The group was so powerful in their ability to just let go and flow with the music. I found myself being swept up in the movement. The music was so perfect. The people were so welcoming and I can't wait to return. I really danced my soul and felt so alive!”


  “Dance your Soul is an amazing, uplifting, healing event. Words cannot explain. Must be experienced. A Profound Moving Meditation. Powerful freedom in movement. Grateful for this amazing dance community and awesome avenue of expression.”


  “It's a real treat to see this dance/moving meditation growing! Thank you so much for the inspiring music mix that sent us on an amazing journey towards self-discovery and connected community! Beautiful! Great group!”


“An impressive, mixed group of youthful mature folk who enjoy nourishing their wellness with extemporaneous solo dancing to inspiring music of many genres."


“Wonderful! Just wonderful! I was very glad to finally attend. Everyone was so welcoming. I am looking forward to connecting again and expressing soul!”


“I directly experienced the music and dance being co-creators of the moment! Thank you for an opportunity to suspend time, transcend time ... and place."


 "This is truly a "Feed my Soul" experience!!! My church, emotional therapy, creative outlet, and community connection rolled into one amazing event - sweet!"


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